J’ai vu un magnifique oiseau – Michal Skibinski, Ala Bankroft
5 novembre 2020
Enormous Smallness: A Story of E.E Cummings – Burgess Matthew
3 novembre 2020

Inch and Grub : A Story about Cavemen

Chisnolm Alastair
Walker Books - 2020

"Two cavemen invent EVERYTHING! But will they be happy?

Inch and Grub are cavemen. Grub's cave is bigger, and he says that makes him the best. So Inch adds a water feature to his cave. But Grub has made fire!
So Inch makes a chair. And a house. And a CAR. Grub, meanwhile, has made a castle and a train and a radio! And so the contest spirals and spirals ... until they each have a HUGE wobbling pile of STUFF. But what happens when the piles collapse?

A funny story about being competitive and how STUFF is not what matters in life. "

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